How Can I believe in a God I don’t see?

Our knowledge, belief and ability to function and live are rooted in many things we don’t see and never will, yet upon which we rely and need to function, says Stuart McAllister, who makes a brilliant case for putting our belief and trust in God.

What are you hiding?

Are you hiding something bad, your feelings, thoughts? Sometimes what we hide can gradually grow to do us in. Instead invite Jesus to become the light of your life and he’ll turn the darkness into light, says Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby)

Have I Spoken about Jesus today?

Taking a cue from Apostle Paul’s response to the news that prison and hardships await him, Rajiv Chelladurai says that only when we come to a place of nothingness in our lives we are ready to take on the God-assigned tasks for us.

The Third Space

By looking for their identity in their sexuality, the Trans are actually seeking the Imago Dei lost. So we need to create a place where they find their Creator and feel at home in His presence, suggests Nathan Andrews

Pleasure – how do we handle it?

Are you by any chance stuck in things you shouldn’t have gotten into in the first place? Daniel Thejus (Bobby) lists ways out of the mess in this video