Pleasure – how do we handle it?

Are you by any chance stuck in things you shouldn’t have gotten into in the first place? Daniel Thejus (Bobby) lists ways out of the mess in this video

Kick The Craving

Tobacco kills. There are 7000 toxins in a cigarette butt. And it takes decades to decompose. In this first of the two-part interview with SJ Chander of FSHI (Foundation for Sustainable Health India), Daniel Thejus (Bobby) takes a fresh look at the burning issue of smoking and its addictive nature. This video is part of the Unfreedoms series by the Institute of Christian Thinking.

Obesity – A life out of balance

Have you noticed that we tend to gorge when we are plain bored?! Read RCCA Alumna, Priyadarshini Emerson’s article on Obesity – A life out of balance.