The Divine Perspective

To unleash the unlimited potential in you, you need to tap into the power of our unbounded God, says Pramod Chandrasekhar. He suggests we change our perspective and view our problems from the God-angle.

Have I Spoken about Jesus today?

Taking a cue from Apostle Paul’s response to the news that prison and hardships await him, Rajiv Chelladurai says that only when we come to a place of nothingness in our lives we are ready to take on the God-assigned tasks for us.

Lay Off & Life

Thousands have lost their jobs due to layoffs, which not only has financial consequences but also takes a toll on one’s personal life. Lynette Johnson shares her insights on the impact of layoffs on identity in her article ‘Layoff & Life’.

Monday Mayhem

The Guinness World Records announced Monday is the worst day of the week. Here is Lynette Johnson’s take on why Mondays are meaningful.