Loving the Unlovely

In a culture where there is hatred and suspicion, Jesus moves social intelligence to a different level by saying – love your enemy. While one might be a target of hate, a Christ follower is called to reciprocate with love.

Margins to the Mainstream

The God of the Bible cares for the poor and the marginalised. The real-life stories depicted in the gospels are powerful testimony to the nature of the God we worship. In them, we find hope and help, no matter who we are!

Who Do You Say That I Am?

In 2000 years, the question of Jesus’ identity has not escaped the attention of mainstream media. The question: Who do you say that I am? continues to be defining matter for individuals and cultures. And how did Jesus reveal Himself to His immediate audience?

Facing Rejection in Life

Ironically, some of the premier institutions of learning report cases of suicides. With a culture that motivates us to win, it appears that we do not know how to handle failure. Yet one of the greatest victories was won on the throes of defeat. Join Neil Vimalkumar in his five-part series ‘Consider Jesus’.

A Mighty Fortress | Beauty Out of Brokenness

There are moments when every one of us feels let down. And Martin Luther was no exception. His wife Kate helped him rediscover a God who is a present help in times of need. Join Neil Vimalkumar in the last of his five-part series, Beauty Out of Brokenness.

Beautiful Beyond Description | Beauty Out of Brokenness

The spotless lamb of God, who is beautiful beyond description, was once shunned and rejected by people because He looked awry. And you know why? Join Neil Vimalkumar to find the answer in the fourth of his five-part series, Beauty Out of Brokenness.

The Grand Weaver | Beauty Out of Brokenness

Have your prayers always been answered? Could there be a reason why God does not favourably respond to our prayers sometimes? Watch this testimony of Amy Carmichael and the work of a Grand Weaver in her life. Join Neil Vimalkumar in the third of his five-part series, Beauty Out of Brokenness.

In His Time | Beauty Out of Brokenness

Death and fear of death troubles even a Christian. Get a perspective on hope even in the face of death. Join Neil Vimalkumar in the second of his five-part series, Beauty Out of Brokenness.

Blessed Assurance | Beauty Out of Brokenness

In a world of sorrow and suffering, could one see beyond the immediate situation? Watch the powerful experience of visually challenged Fanny Crosby, who saw what many others with sight tend to miss. Join Neil Vimalkumar in his five-part series starting today on the theme of Beauty Out of Brokenness.