Stay Connected | Force Majeure

Nathan Andrews in his recently published book, Force Majeure, suggests we learn the art of staying in touch from St.Paul who wrote letters by the number from the confines of the prison.

And yet the letters were replete with genuine concern, personal element, a fine balance of empathy and encouragement, benediction and full of courtesy. In fact, Paul laboured over his epistles, at times weeping, yes, they were notes from his heart.

Passing the Baton | Force Majeure

Succession planning is no new age concept. But we need to be intentional in the matter, like St.Paul, who mentored and groomed Timothy, Silas, Titus and Onesimus, says Nathan Andrews in his book Force Majeure.

The author, a management consultant, has shared organisational lessons gleaned from the Book of Acts, and they spell sure-fire success for you, be it in your company, church, or even in informal support groups.

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