How to bounce back when the unexpected happens?

Enoch’s exceptional end must have been like a thunderbolt to his wife. But she took it very well and went on to hold the banner of God high! Mrs Resilience can well be her middle name.
Read on Shalini Manohar’s plausible account of a nameless heroine from Scripture, the first in a series, Lesser Known Women of the Bible.

So who won the argument?

Do all questions have to be answered? Do you have to win all your arguments? No way. Should we ensure our ego is always intact? No again. Pastor Ayesha Ameresekere suggests we don’t get provoked or emotional but exercise discretion and wisdom. How we answer is also very important, she reminds us in this short video

‘Mothership’ – Leading and loving our children well

Content Writer Christine Jayakaran, a mother of three children, says when she goes with her gut instinct or sixth sense in parenting, it doesn’t work. Invite and involve the Holy Spirit and hey presto, you are ready to go! Happy Mothers’ Day!

Resurrection, a myth?

Do these questions trouble you –Was Jesus crucified? Did he really die? More importantly, did he rise from the dead? Even so, why should I believe in him? If yes, Alycia Wood is here to put all your doubts to rest, quoting from historians Tacitus and Josephus.
Happy Resurrection Day!

What’s love got to do with it?

Chocolates, pink and red hearts everywhere –is this love? Is it what love is all about?

Here is a recently married couple (Amit and Esther) and an experienced couple (Purnima and Col.A. Amrit Raj) on what’s love got to do with their relationship and more…

Beauty pageant tweaked!

“What if the Lord were to crown the Beauty Pageant entrants with different titles?” wonders Shalini Manohar. In her article, she writes about three unnamed women in the Bible who she believes are deserving candidates. Read more about these inspiring women.

Mom’s first Christmas!

First Christmas after marriage for a couple, or a child’s first Christmas for parents is a great time of celebration. Sharmini Samuel takes you by the hand to show what it felt like for Mary, mother of Jesus our Lord.

Is the Bible sexist?

Jesus was counter-cultural. He taught women and allowed them to teach in turn. This was an honour reserved only for men. Listen to Abdu Murray as he delves into this further.

WOMEN & EMOTIONS Part 2: Answers from a counsellor to FAQs

What is the red flag for emotional burnout for women? For this and other significant queries from Sharmini Samuel, here’s counsellor Vinita Chacko providing apt solutions

Vinita Chacko is Adv. Certificate in Biblical Counselling (Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation) U.S.A.