I Am My Own Saviour | Hopes & Fears

Can I be the master of my own destiny? Or am I my own worst enemy?! Jesus will unlock the right answer, says Neil Vimalkumar, in his talk, ‘I am my own saviour’.

Born Again | Hopes & Fears

What’s all this fuss about Christmas? It’s time we got the main thing sorted out, says Neil Vimalkumar.

Inner Engineering | Hopes & Fears

What’s Christmas in theory? How is it different in experience? Neil Vimalkumar provides you telling answers in this short clip, the last in the series Hopes and Fears.

A Christmas Gift

A marvel indeed it is that God meets each one of us in our own turf!
The shepherds saw in Jesus the Lamb of God; the wise men saw in Jesus the wisdom of God. Watch Neil Vimalkumar’s talk on ‘A Christmas Gift’.