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It’s time we took our cue from Simon of Cyrene in shouldering pain and suffering not of our making. If not for us, at least for the sake of our children, says Pastor Anand Peacock, in this episode of the Monday Morning series, Stay Strong.
Guest Contributor
Your God my God, your people my people Shall we take a leaf out of the book of Ruth and Naomi and impact those in our circle and beyond,asks Sharmini Samuel
Guest Contributor
Scam augurs misery, while the Gift of God spells joy forever, says Rev. Isaac Johnson, Senior Pastor, The Kirk, Chennai, in this episode of the weekly series, Stay Strong.
Guest Contributor
God is not a force or entity but a person, he is our Father, asserts Thomas Skaria as he revisits the Lord’s Prayer in this edition of Stay Strong
Thomas Skaria
Stephen Hawking laboured hard for a theory of everything. Much later he admitted that this theory will forever be elusive because we do not have an ‘objective’ view of the universe But, can we then know the Truth, asks Neil Vimalkumar
Neil Vimalkumar Boniface

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