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Are you following where the world takes you or would you like to take a leaf out of the book of Noah who was called blameless though he was not sinless, asks Sheila Chandrasekhar
Guest Contributor
Do all questions have to be answered? Do you have to win all your arguments? No way. Should we ensure our ego is always intact? No again. Pastor Ayesha Ameresekere suggests we don’t get provoked or emotional but exercise discretion and wisdom. How we answer is also very important, she reminds us in this short video
Guest Contributor
If you are carrying an emotional or even spiritual baggage filled with pain, hurt and humiliation, don’t, says Pastor Betsy Andreas, who gives you a remedy of three R’s . Give her a listen.
Guest Contributor
We desire to be heard. So does God. He still communicates and it is the Word that gives us the priceless experience to hear the voice of God, says Rev Jeeva R.Pakeria
Guest Contributor
It’s important who occupies the arena of your mind, for not-so-good thoughts can lead one to wrong action or habit or even destructive passion, warns Mr Andhika Wibisono
Guest Contributor

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Our knowledge, belief and ability to function and live are rooted in many things we don’t see and never will, yet upon which we rely and need to function, says Stuart McAllister, who makes a brilliant case for putting our belief and trust in God.
Guest Contributor
“What if the Lord were to crown the Beauty Pageant entrants with different titles?” wonders Shalini Manohar. In her article, she writes about three unnamed women in the Bible who she believes are deserving candidates. Read more about these inspiring women.
Shalini Manohar
As the new year unfolds, let us strive to give without acknowledgement, serve without ego and seek to be first by being last. Nathan Andrews suggests our quest for 2024 can very well be anonymity, if you please.
Nathan Andrews