Woman, your life is bigger than what you think: Lessons from lesser-known women

How do you see yourself? Stop and think for a moment.  

Many of us base our self-worth on how others view us, on our endeavours, our past regrets and hurts, or value based on our looks, or setting unrealistic standards for ourselves. The life that we live will be different if we could see ourselves as God sees us! 

Our Heavenly Father created both men and women in His image and He knows the potential we have to accomplish His will on earth. God specifically places women in various positions of influence and uses them to impact family, church, society and nation. Women, God wants us to trust Him to be Difference Makers for our generation!

How we live, the things we do, the words we speak, the choices we make, the moments we create are all making ripple effects in the world around us. We are all given those opportunities to leave a mark.

The Bible mentions the unique character traits, strengths and abilities of women who were judges, prophetesses, home makers, teens, missionaries, queens and business women to name a few. But the most important quality to remember is that they were real everyday women— like you and me—who believed and trusted God.

 Let us quickly see a few lesser- known or talked about women of the Bible but played a vital role of influence in the plan of God. 

You are a peace-maker:  2 Samuel 20:16-22 talks about a wise woman of Abel Beth Maacha spoke wisdom into a challenging situation to the army commander Joab and to city leaders who listened to her and ended the war.  You are positioned to bring peace between two individuals, two families, two communities and even two nations. We are called and equipped to be peacemakers. 

You are a trusted message-carrier:  Romans 16:1,2,6,12 verses talk about Phoebe, Mary, Tryphena, Tryphosa, Persis – all described as hardworking women and particularly about Phoebe; she was entrusted by Paul to hand-deliver his letter to the believers in Rome. She carried, delivered, and read Paul’s letter to the people of Rome, which was crucial for the formation of Christian Theology in the years to come.  As we know Paul’s Epistle to the Romans had a great impact on Augustine and Martin Luther’s lives and they were instrumental in Reformation. Sometimes we are called to be just message-carrier, but when proved trustworthy, history is made. 

You are a finance supporter: Paul also describes Phoebe as a sponsor. She was likely a financial contributor to the early Christian movement. It’s interesting to note that Luke 8:3 says many other women provided financial support for Jesus and his disciples.  Woman, you can bless the mission of the Lord through your financial support. 

You are a hope giver:  Joanna, wife of Chuza who was the manager at Herod’s palace. Luke 8:1-3 and 24:10 recount how she was healed by Jesus, followed him till the end, supported his mission and proclaimed his resurrection. It’s said through her life many from Herod’s palace became followers of Jesus. Maybe you are a homemaker, but you can influence your neighbours and your husband’s colleagues and their family by sharing and showing Christ.  

You are a foster mother:  Jehosheba mentioned in 2 Chronicles 22:10-12 hid her nephew Joash, barely a year and a half old, nurtured, taught him and made him King at the age of seven to preserve the lineage of David. This is kindness that flows out of love for God. God’s plans are fulfilled through women like teachers who invest in the lives of children other than their own. You partner with God to raise up leaders. 

You are a builder of a Godly generation: We read about Asenath, Joseph’s wife, in Gen 41:45, 50 and 46: 20. Highly intelligent and well educated and an Egyptian, a worshipper of the sun god. The Lord changed her as a worshipper of the One who created the sun. Her life influenced to bring up not only godly children but to bring forth two tribes. Maybe God has permitted you to be placed among unbelievers in your family, but your life and faith in the Living God can impact them and lead them to be worshippers of the true living God. 

You are a strong pillar: You might have read about Adoniram Judson, but do you know about his wife Ann Judson? In 1813, the Judsons settled in Burma, now Myanmar, where Ann began to learn the language. She taught the women and translated parts of the Bible. When war broke out and Adoniram was imprisoned, she worked tirelessly for his release. Though she died at the age of 26, her memoir encouraged many women to pursue missions. You might be the wife of a pastor or mission worker, remember you are a strong pillar in building God’s kingdom. 

The average person influences at least 10,000 people in his or her lifetime. Your actions and your life story are going to impact many. Wherever God has placed you or whatever you are called to do, remember you are a woman, made perfect and complete in Christ Jesus to fulfil His purposes. God has placed you on earth to make an impact. Your life is bigger than what you think.


Shalini Manohar

COO, Life Focus Society Shalini has been serving the Lord through LFS for over 30 years. She enjoys interacting with people, especially with younger ones, and living on a school campus gives those opportunities.

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