Women & Emotions Snippets from “Untangling Emotions”

Snippets from the webinar “Untangling Emotions”.
Here’s Pastor Ayesha Ameresekere presenting answers to queries posed to her regarding runaway emotions at the last Women of Substance meet held in August 2023. First in a three-part series.


Noted documentary maker Pearl Ganta urges us not to go with the norms of the world, or be a fake during an interview with Sharmini Samuel

A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go! | Dr. Marise Soares, Kea Andrews

In a rare and touching tête-à-tête between a Mom and her Daughter, we find how Marise Soares gave her girl Kea Andrews enough space and more to grow up and more importantly respected her for opting to study theology. In this video Proverbs 31:28 comes alive all over again–Her children rise up and call her blessed!

Happy Mothers’ Day!

The Elephant Whisperers

We’re oh-so proud of Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga for bringing home the Oscar for best short docu with their Elephant Whisperers. Let this inspire those of you in the media to aim high even if recognition of your splendid work is still eluding you, says filmmaker Pearl Ganta

Honour of all honours to women

You are no less than men, the Lord seems to be saying to women, by making the latter the crucial first witnesses of the Resurrection. It’s incredible but true that the Lord treats women consistently equal, right from the opening chapter of Genesis.

Celebrating Women @ Campuses

Lianne Johnson and Stuti Farmer come up with a set of brilliant answers to questions posed to them by Neil Vimalkumar of LFS


Who am I? is a question we’ve all asked at some point in our lives. Join Lynette Johnson as she looks at the story of Queen Esther to gain insight and understanding into this timeless query.

Celebrate Woman! Embrace Equity

Let’s Embrace Equity as the theme for the International Women’s Day urges us to, says Selena David. As primary caregivers in the house, at times we need to delegate, partner or outsource so that we acquire opportunities to excel.