Lay Off & Life

Thousands have lost their jobs due to layoffs, which not only has financial consequences but also takes a toll on one’s personal life. Lynette Johnson shares her insights on the impact of layoffs on identity in her article ‘Layoff & Life’.

Passing the Baton | Force Majeure

Succession planning is no new age concept. But we need to be intentional in the matter, like St.Paul, who mentored and groomed Timothy, Silas, Titus and Onesimus, says Nathan Andrews in his book Force Majeure.

The author, a management consultant, has shared organisational lessons gleaned from the Book of Acts, and they spell sure-fire success for you, be it in your company, church, or even in informal support groups.

Speaking Truth to Power | Force Majeure

Nathan called the bluff of King David; fearless Daniel was not overawed by King Nebuchadnezzar into silence; Paul took on the mighty Festus. We can take a leaf out of their books to speak truth to power with empathy, humility, clarity and courage, says Nathan Andrews in his recent book, Force Majeure.

Lystra & Derbe

Given the present celeb culture, it’s hard for even the best among us to resist basking in the limelight of either the media or social media! Nathan Andrews cites Paul and Barnabas’ quick disclaimer at Lystra and urges us not to fall prey to clickbait! It’s vital that we separate the chaff from the truth.

Hire for Attitude

Taking a cue from the way the 11 disciples of Jesus chose Matthias over Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea, Nathan Andrews suggests the right attitude of candidate wins over job requirement when it comes to hiring. For, after all, skills can be learnt on the job, he says.

Introduction | Why Force Majeure

Mined from a treasure trove that’s the Book of Acts, Nathan Andrews culls out gems that will help enlarge your sphere of influence – from hiring to succession planning, from wielding power to messaging wisely.