Discipleship Matters

Pontius Pilate would have dropped dead if Christ had gone to confront him post-resurrection! Instead, Jesus chose to meet his disciples and encourage them. It doesn’t help to go and tick off people who’ve hurt us, says Pastor Sam Rufus, Temple of Light Christian Community Church

Knowing God

God is not hidden at all. Christ is with us, thus making us Christians. Challenges are pathways that God leads us through to victory so that we experience God’s presence and His ways, says Rev. Paul Anbarasu, Assistant Presbyter, St. Andrew’s Church, in this episode of Stay Strong.

Principles for new task of greater cause

Dr R.Johnson Vice Principal cum Academic Dean, Hindustan Bible Institute and College, Chennai, says when God calls you, it pays to obey His command; grow in the knowledge of God and importantly, leave behind all that hinders you from following Jesus.

Forgiveness is Contagious

Here is that long awaited moment when your enemy is in front of you and is at your mercy! Will you settle scores or choose to forgive him? Sharmini Samuel is here to offer a few valuable tips to help you decide, in this episode of the Stay Strong series.

Little is much when God is in it

Do you think big is better, strong is good? If so, think again. Even when you are small, poor, or weak, if you have God in all that you say and do, you will be fine, says Pastor Vilas Samudre, Edify Community, in this episode of the Stay Strong series.

Three Thoughts on Peace of Christmas

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. In fact no one else can give us perfect peace except Jesus, says Rev.Dr.Andrew B Natarajan, Presbyter, Anna Nagar Methodist Church, Chennai, in this episode of Stay Strong

Three Tenses of Salvation

Freedom from the penalty, power and presence of sin comes from only Jesus Christ, says Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong series


Do you get offended easily? Is it worth it to live in resentment and carry hurt all through your life? Certainly not, not when God has given you power and strength to control anger and overlook wrongs, says Anna Ranjith, Chennai, in this episode of Stay Strong.

Hire for Attitude

Taking a cue from the way the 11 disciples of Jesus chose Matthias over Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea, Nathan Andrews suggests the right attitude of candidate wins over job requirement when it comes to hiring. For, after all, skills can be learnt on the job, he says.

Call Me

Miracles are not things of the past, thankfully! God answers prayers and turns around impossible situations too, as vouched for by Pastor Ranjith Isaac, @City Rock Church Chennai. Listen to this first person account of the awesome work of God in his family in this episode of Stay Strong.