Discipline of Confession

It’s good to go to the Lord every day and confess our wrongdoings, for He is faithful and just to forgive us, suggests Pastor Michael Sundersingh, SDC-DBF, New Delhi.

By Grace Alone

It’s not our bank statements or personal merit that matter, but only the merit of Jesus’ work on the Cross for both our life on earth and life beyond the grave, says Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong.

Resting In & Working for The Lord

Harried by the workload in the week ahead? Place the work and week at Jesus’ feet, for you can rest in the One who promised, “I will give you rest”. […]

More Than Conquerors

Conflicts have a purpose. They come to make us stronger and victorious when we are in Christ Jesus, says Pastor Alwin Joy of NLFAG Church, Kanpur, in this week’s edition of Stay Strong.

The Desert Experience

Can a walk in the desert ever be delightful? Yes, and that’s the paradox of the Good News, says Lead Pastor Joy Singh, DBF Delhi, in this episode of Stay Strong.

From What to Who

From what to who

When Jesus enters the scene, the whats of life turn into who’s this! of awe and wonder, says Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong.

Shamgar Secrets

A nondescript Sunday School teacher, Edward Kimball, was the making of DL Moody. Shamgar, son of Anath, merits mention in the Scriptures with just a single verse.True, God uses simple and ordinary people for His glory, affirms Pastor Ashok Andrews of Kolkata Christian Fellowship, in this edition of Stay Strong series

Prisoners of Hope

In this episode of Stay Strong, Pastor Neeraj Mallik, ANDF Church, Gurugram makes a fervent plea for us to return to God’s presence, for the Lord is ready to restore double of what we’ve lost.

Psychology of Gratitude

Psychology of Gratitude | Stay Strong - Nilav Kolay, Kolkata Christian Fellowship | Life Focus India

Pastor Nilav Kolay of Kolkata Christian Fellowship highlights gratitude to God with the right attitude. He says there’s no place for comparisons here in this episode of Stay Strong.

Are you in the Majority or the Minority?

Learn to look at problems with the eyes of faith as did Joshua and Caleb. Don’t go with your own steam, go with God, urges Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong