Obedient beyond logic

When God calls you to step out of your comfort zone, know that He has your best interests in mind. You will not just learn but grow in life when you obey God’s call as did Abraham, says Dr Nitin Joseph

While at the Crossroads

Neither materialistic ideas, nor philosophical arguments, not even spiritual concepts can hold water when confronted with the truth from the Bible, asserts Naveen Richard @naveenrichardcomedy in this episode of Stay Strong

Look back to inform your Future

Priscilla Knoble finds God’s plans perfect and His love steadfast when she looks back at the lives of her parents, grandparents and her own. So, she says, I have confidence to face the future.

What are you hiding?

Are you hiding something bad, your feelings, thoughts? Sometimes what we hide can gradually grow to do us in. Instead invite Jesus to become the light of your life and he’ll turn the darkness into light, says Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby)

Honour of all honours to women

You are no less than men, the Lord seems to be saying to women, by making the latter the crucial first witnesses of the Resurrection. It’s incredible but true that the Lord treats women consistently equal, right from the opening chapter of Genesis.

Walking on Razor’s Edge

Shun extremes. Seek balance, even in love, suggests Seline Augustine in this article on Walking on Razor’s Edge

Make a Difference

Don’t become tired of doing good; it’s infinitely better than just talking or giving suggestions, says Pastor Michael Kola, founder-pastor, Walls of Salvation Church, Hyderabad.

Lay Off & Life

Thousands have lost their jobs due to layoffs, which not only has financial consequences but also takes a toll on one’s personal life. Lynette Johnson shares her insights on the impact of layoffs on identity in her article ‘Layoff & Life’.

Delay is by Design

While you and I frown at delays, God’s making all the right moves for us, setting the stage and shifting scenes, as in the life of Queen Esther, for a perfect and permanent victory for us, says Sharmini Samuel of Life Focus Society in this edition of Stay Strong.