Prisoners of Hope

In this episode of Stay Strong, Pastor Neeraj Mallik, ANDF Church, Gurugram makes a fervent plea for us to return to God’s presence, for the Lord is ready to restore double of what we’ve lost.

Knowing God

God is not hidden at all. Christ is with us, thus making us Christians. Challenges are pathways that God leads us through to victory so that we experience God’s presence and His ways, says Rev. Paul Anbarasu, Assistant Presbyter, St. Andrew’s Church, in this episode of Stay Strong.

Shamgar Secrets

A nondescript Sunday School teacher, Edward Kimball, was the making of DL Moody. Shamgar, son of Anath, merits mention in the Scriptures with just a single verse.True, God uses simple and ordinary people for His glory, affirms Pastor Ashok Andrews of Kolkata Christian Fellowship, in this edition of Stay Strong series

Delay is by Design

While you and I frown at delays, God’s making all the right moves for us, setting the stage and shifting scenes, as in the life of Queen Esther, for a perfect and permanent victory for us, says Sharmini Samuel of Life Focus Society in this edition of Stay Strong.

From What to Who

From what to who

When Jesus enters the scene, the whats of life turn into who’s this! of awe and wonder, says Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong.

Make a Difference

Don’t become tired of doing good; it’s infinitely better than just talking or giving suggestions, says Pastor Michael Kola, founder-pastor, Walls of Salvation Church, Hyderabad.