Meet Me At The Oasis

What good is a stint in the wilderness, did you ask? Plenty! Watch Thomas Skaria unpack the many positives of a wilderness experience. Beginning a fortnightly series, Stay Strong.

Be Anxious For Nothing

Be anxious for nothing

Daniel Thejus (Bobby) suggests we go out and be strong, for God’s love will see us through, low self-esteem or not.

The Desert Experience

Can a walk in the desert ever be delightful? Yes, and that’s the paradox of the Good News, says Lead Pastor Joy Singh, DBF Delhi, in this episode of Stay Strong.

Time for a Brand New ID

Despite our not-so-glorious past, we receive a new ID from God as His child. To find out how, watch this video by Thomas Skaria in the second of his series, Stay Strong.

More Than Conquerors

Conflicts have a purpose. They come to make us stronger and victorious when we are in Christ Jesus, says Pastor Alwin Joy of NLFAG Church, Kanpur, in this week’s edition of Stay Strong.

Movin’ Forward Lookin’ Upward

If you don’t know about the future, it’s okay. God who holds our future in His hand knows that’s enough. Watch Thomas Skaria’s talk on ‘Movin’ Forward Lookin’ Upward’.

The first game of hide & seek

The game cost the First man and woman paradise.
We did not seek or find God, God came looking for us. And isn’t that marvellous, asks Thomas Skaria

Resting In & Working for The Lord

Harried by the workload in the week ahead? Place the work and week at Jesus’ feet, for you can rest in the One who promised, “I will give you rest”. […]

Interruption Ain’t Disruption

Interruptions are needed, yes even the painful pauses of life are welcome, says Thomas Skaria in this video which is part of the Stay Strong series.