Do you carry an unjust cross?

It’s time we took our cue from Simon of Cyrene in shouldering pain and suffering not of our making. If not for us, at least for the sake of our children, says Pastor Anand Peacock, in this episode of the Monday Morning series, Stay Strong.

Strong Foundation: Does it Matter?

Read God’s word. More importantly, put it into practice. Then, even if buffeted by torrential wind and waves, you will stand firm like a house built on the rock, says Thomas Skaria.

What do we do when it hurts?

It’s ok to tell God you are not okay, for He’s been there too. More important, He says he will walk with you,says Alycia Wood

Woman of Prayer

Woman of Prayer

Pastor Letlal Haokip of The Journey Church, New Delhi, says like Hannah, wife of Elkanah, may we keep our word to God Almighty when He answers our prayers

Listening is Therapeutic

Stop! and listen
Listen well and till the end
Many an answer to the questions we wrestle with is in the listening, says Sharmini Samuel in this episode of Stay Strong series

Let Justice roll down like waters

Worshipping God without care and concern for people around us is hollow worship, insists Chandran Samuel Kadambavanam in this episode of Stay Strong

Do Not Be Afraid

It’s easy to believe in God and his supernatural powers, but when it comes to trusting Him for our situation, we baulk at the idea, says Pr Ranjith Jayapaul in this episode of Stay Strong.