In a grand run-up to Christmas, Rev Arun Andrews starts a 3-part series with not merely a glimpse of hope but the promise of the God of Hope who never disappoints us. Truly enough, God shines the torch on that sliver of hope for us or the little oil on hand as in the case of the widow of Zarephath.

When all hope is gone

When the storms of life toss you about, you will have to refrain from retreating and instead throw overboard the undesirables from your life, says Rev Dr Duke Jeyaraj

How to progress in life amid hopelessness?

Swarup Singh strongly recommends we intentionally look back and recount all the amazing things God has done for us in the past. This helps us to be grateful and to cope with the hard present, he says in this episode of Stay Strong.

It’s not over until God says it’s over

Many of us begin most things well but tend to give up midway. Listen to Luke Jackson who lists four salient Ps to help us push forward no matter what the problems we encounter on the way.

Take courage and be strong

To know your identity in Christ, that you are greatly treasured like Daniel of the lions’ den fame, will help you negotiate tough terrain, says Dr Vinita Mathew in this episode of the Stay Strong series


In this season, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your challenges, remember to trust in God. According to Sqn Ldr (Rev) Manav Das, it’s possible that you’ve actually been planted, and this is just a temporary period of growth and preparation for what’s to come.

Choose Wise Counsel

Don’t go solo in your life journey. It goes a long way when you have good people to advise you and guide you right, says Pastor Priji Varghese, quoting from the life of King Rehoboam, who listened to his peer group instead of the elders who gave him wise counsel.

How to be strong & effective

Did you think faith alone will suffice for being efficacious in your life and work? Think again, says Arun Ramakrishnan, who cites Peter’s add-ons to faith like love, knowledge and goodness.

Arun Ramakrishnan is Vice President, Manufacturing, AVT Natural Product Ltd & Pastor of Highland Immanuel Fellowship, Kochi

Impacting Others

The reason why you and I have been redeemed is to impact others for Christ and His Kingdom. Are we being the salt of the earth and light in the darkness, asks Pastor Dilip Ch Sangma in this episode of Stay Strong

Knowing God

Getting to know God on a deeper level can have a profound impact on our daily lives, says Christopher Rajender.