Stay Connected | Force Majeure

Nathan Andrews in his recently published book, Force Majeure, suggests we learn the art of staying in touch from St.Paul who wrote letters by the number from the confines of the prison.

And yet the letters were replete with genuine concern, personal element, a fine balance of empathy and encouragement, benediction and full of courtesy. In fact, Paul laboured over his epistles, at times weeping, yes, they were notes from his heart.

Can We Afford To Be Successful?

The challenge of loving others as much as we love ourselves leaves us uncomfortable, responsible and obliged to those who are around us. Can we think of creative ways to provide the tools to convert income or ability into an opportunity to help people reach their desired goals, asks Daniel Thejus (Bobby).

Weinberg’s view

Professor Steven Weinberg, an avowed atheist, blames religion for evil. But what about the good that a religion like Christianity brings to the table? asks Neil Vimalkumar.

Laplace & his fine hypothesis

Did Laplace rule out the need for a god? Was he leaving out the ‘god hypothesis’ in a mathematical equation or in the whole of existence, wonders Neil Vimalkumar.

Law & the Law-giver?

Have Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow eliminated the need for God? Does their view explain all equations and existence? Can we do without a Grand Designer? If there is a law, where did it come from, queries Neil Vimalkumar.

Science has a pretty good track record of weeding out errors. Thanks to scientists who invent, discover, interpret, and sometimes abandon their views. In this short video series, ‘Gyan in 60 seconds’ we look at 5 quips and quotes of famous scientists and draw lessons from them. For sure, we are looking beyond Science.