What does it mean to live freely? The freedom that Christ offers, is it merely limited to the soul or does it include the entire human experience? Does spiritual transformation have any bearing on our lives here on earth? Must we be interested in the overall well-being of people?

The answer to those questions is a – yes! Christ comes to redeem humans from anything that prevents them from living freely. These unfreedoms include whatever limits people’s capabilities – anything and everything that stops us from achieving our full potential.

During Jesus’ time, for example, Unfreedoms were disability, premature mortality, over-active and repressive powers. Jesus addressed these issues – he healed the blind, brought people back to life, challenged repressive leaders and eventually through his death and resurrection pointed us to an existence marked by freedom. He then empowered us to go out and spread this freedom.

Sexual Abuse

Abuse exists in different forms; physical, emotional and sexual. In Matthew 25, Jesus says, ‘what you do to the least of these you do it unto me.’ In the context of sexual abuse, what are the implications of this verse for Christians? Watch a discussion by Daniel Thejus (Bobby) with Pranitha Timothy (Senior Consultant, Justice & Hope), Sonal Kellogg (Senior Journalist), Sushmitha Philipose (Clinical Psychologist) and Gold Pravin (Manager Engagement, Lloyds Bank & Bank of Scotland).

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Kick the Craving

Tobacco kills. There are 7000 toxins in a cigarette butt. A smoker easily spends a sum of Rs 20 lakhs in 20 years of puffing away at the cigarette. Watch a two-part interview by Daniel Thejus (Bobby) with SJ Chander of FSHI (Foundation for Sustainable Health India) as he takes a fresh look at the burning issue of smoking and its addictive nature.


There are different ways in which we view Disabled people. Some of us view them with pity, sometimes their presence makes us feel uncomfortable, or there’s an overload of sympathy. From a religious angle we bring up issues like, curse, past sin and demon possession.


In this video we are going to address these and other issues. But we are also going to think about the Church’s – by which I mean her members – responsiblity towards her disabled members. Basically, how can we enable them to live freely both physically and spiritually?