We have fond memories of the time you attended the RCCA training programme. A blessed time it was for us all!

There are over a 1000 of you alumni and it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the first RCCA alumni Reunion to be held online.

Please register below to confirm your participation. Thank you.

Memorable Moments

Share your Story (how the Course is helping you)

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The RCCA is helping me “to think correctly about thinking” as brother balajed said

Beaula Sheela Edwin

It has helped me in every arguments with politeness and hard core other faiths has agreed and are saved. Because of this deep rooted doctrinal knowledge we are able to use the word of God as Sword in the hands of trained soldiers.

Urvaksh Naval Hoyvoy

To say the least the course changed the course of my life. It brought me closer to the God I worshiped, there are many secrets that God will keep hidden but there are many truths He reveals to those who seek them. He enjoys a question and loves the conversation. This course equiped me to sit with my Lord and have some very humbling, inspiering and surrendering conversations. Can’t wait to come back and go deeper.