The first game of hide & seek

The game cost the First man and woman paradise.
We did not seek or find God, God came looking for us. And isn’t that marvellous, asks Thomas Skaria

What we know | Stay Strong

We don’t hypothesize, we don’t speculate, we don’t hope.
We KNOW our Redeemer lives. Watch this episode of Stay Strong by Nathan Andrews.

Ruth, that was a smart move!

Your God my God, your people my people
Shall we take a leaf out of the book of Ruth and Naomi and impact those in our circle and beyond,asks Sharmini Samuel

Are you in the Majority or the Minority?

Learn to look at problems with the eyes of faith as did Joshua and Caleb. Don’t go with your own steam, go with God, urges Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong

Resting In & Working for The Lord

Harried by the workload in the week ahead? Place the work and week at Jesus’ feet, for you can rest in the One who promised, “I will give you rest”. […]

By Grace Alone

It’s not our bank statements or personal merit that matter, but only the merit of Jesus’ work on the Cross for both our life on earth and life beyond the grave, says Thomas Skaria in this episode of Stay Strong.

Discipline of Confession

It’s good to go to the Lord every day and confess our wrongdoings, for He is faithful and just to forgive us, suggests Pastor Michael Sundersingh, SDC-DBF, New Delhi.

The Power of Forgiveness

To be forgiven and to forgive someone who has done you wrong are both crucial to happiness, says Naomi Christopher, psychologist-counsellor, Director IJAM Charity